Breda Hegarty -Career Counsellor

I would love to help you find your next job!

Breda Hegarty- A qualified and compassionate career counsellor.

I am a fully qualified career guidance counsellor based in Dublin. I have been providing expert career counselling and guidance for 15 years, supporting adults to choose the right career and identify their skills.

Who I help

People looking for a job or for a career change

People looking to start or return to education

People who have moved to Ireland from another country looking to know more about the job application process in Ireland.

How can I help you?

My expertise is in the area of successful CV and cover letter writing, career planning and interview preparation. My Career Guidance sessions are suitable for adults of all ages, backgrounds, experiences and qualifications. If you are feeling demotivated, overwhelmed, unsure, undervalued, or stuck with your current career or your career search, I would love to offer you guidance and support.


“Brilliant professional, dedicated, passionate about her job and always happy to help. Thanks very much Breda for all the guidance and mentoring, I couldn’t have had a better coach!”


She is an amazing communicator, really listens to you and helps bring out the best in you. She constantly kept me motivated during my job search. As a mentor she is one of those people that really connects with you as a person as she focuses on your goals and strengths and provides you the tools to realise your full potential. I highly recommend her as a coach”.


“Breda is an excellent coach and trainer. She was always very professional and understanding of my career development goals, helping me to achieve them. She is a great coach and helped me to discover my strengths and develop skills throughout the mentoring process. I highly recommend Breda if you are looking to achieve your potential at work or searching for a new position.”                                                                              Fernanda

“Above all, I was impressed with her ability to coach, motivate and guide us to achieving our goals about jobs”                             Anderson

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