Have you done this type of work before?

  1. Have you done this type of work before?
  • Mention the position you had before the name of the company and the duties that you did
  • You can also mention that you really enjoyed that type of work and all the staff and clients / customers were very happy with me.
  • If you haven’t done this type of work before you can say;
  • No but I have done a similar role ( I haven’t worked in this area before but I have worked as a care assistant which involved dealing with people in a helpful and friendly way and using my interpersonal and communication skills. I also worked in a team in that role and made sure the wards were clean and that I completed all my tasks within the given time or you could also talk about your studies and what you learned on your courses that would be relevant to the role. No but I have studied……….


My role as a sales assistant with Dunnes Stores involved all aspects of sales and retail work. I worked on the till, stocked shelves, served customers and advised customers on good quality purchases. Through this work I learned to listen to customers and deal with them in a polite and friendly way.

Breda Hegarty – Career Counsellor

If you would like to work on your interview techniques and learn the secrets and tips to making an excellent impression, contact Breda today!

Breda Hegarty is a fully qualified career guidance counsellor based in Dublin. Breda has been providing expert career counselling and guidance for 15 years, supporting adults to choose the right career and identify their skills. Her expertise is in the area of successful CV and cover letter writing, career planning and interview preparation.



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  1. Takesha Jones says:

    This helps me with my work

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