Tell me about yourself

Tell me about yourself.

  • General introduction e.g. I am from Latvia
  • Mention the most important experience or education you have in relation to this position e.g. I am a qualified care assistant / I am an experienced chef (Use the info in your personal profile)
  • Using a time line give 3 / 4 of the most important studies or experience you have in relation to this position (this is just a brief overview)
  • Mention 1 / 2 personal qualities or skills
  • Do not mention personal information such as marital or family details


I am an experienced customer service representative. I am from Slovakia. In Slovakia I worked as an Office Clerk with a Software company for two years and after that I completed a six month computer course.  I worked as a Customer Service Representative for 1 year with Breakpoint which is a computer software company. Then I moved to Ireland and worked with The Maldron hotel as their Receptionist. During that time I developed excellent communication and interpersonal skills which I would like to bring to this position. I am fluent in Slovakian and Polish as well as English. I am a very motivated person always willing to give my best to achieve success.


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