What are your strengths?

What are your strengths?

  • This depends on the job you are going for. Mention the key experience, education, hard skills, soft skills and qualities that you have for this role.
  • For example: good qualities for retail include being friendly and approachable; for care work: being caring and hard-working; for a driver: being careful and reliable.
  • Give an example from your last job to prove that you have these qualities. For example, in the case of the driver you could say that you are reliable and careful: In my last job, I always got deliveries to my customers on time but never broke any traffic rules.
  • Try and think about what would make you a better choice for this role than other candidates


I have over five years experience as an administrator and have completed a course in ECDL. I have excellent knowledge of all Microsoft packages and can type 70wpm. I am trustworthy and dependable. When I worked as an administrator with JJB Ltd. I was in charge of the petty cash and I was also responsible for opening up the office in the morning. My boss trusted me with these duties.


I cope well under pressure. When I worked as a waitress in Milano’s Italian restaurant, it always got really busy at six o’clock, I actually looked forward to it as I thrive under pressure and I am able to prioritise and multi task very well. I made sure that I took all the orders on time and delivered all the food to the client’s tables quickly.

Breda Hegarty – Career Counsellor

If you would like to work on your interview techniques and learn the secrets and tips to making an excellent impression, contact Breda today!

Breda Hegarty is a fully qualified career guidance counsellor based in Dublin. Breda has been providing expert career counselling and guidance for 15 years, supporting adults to choose the right career and identify their skills. Her expertise is in the area of successful CV and cover letter writing, career planning and interview preparation.



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