What do you know about your company?

Why do you want to work here? / What do you know about our company?

  • Before you attend any interview make sure to research the company. Check the company’s website to find out information and/or phone the company and speak to somebody

Prepare some questions first, it can be good to find out about

  • the company’s main activities / Services / products / customers
  • Company history, age, and size
  • Company mission or vision statement / values / ethos
  • how many people they employ and their plans for future expansion
  • Previous projects / activities undertaken / Achievements Reputation
  • Involvement in any charity work.
  • Google the company to see the latest news stories about them

Always try and match yourself to the mission of the company, show the employer that you fit in with their values and that you will be of benefit to them.


I know that you are one of the leading communication providers in Ireland. You began as Esat Digifone in Ireland in 1996 and are now part of Telefónica Europe which has its head quarters in Spain and is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, with a presence in 25 countries. O2 has over 1.7 million customers and are based in Dublin and Limerick, and have over 80 stores. As a communications company you are committed to doing the best for your employees, your customers and the communities you are based in. I am very interested in communications and sales and would love to be part of a company as exciting and progressive as yours.


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