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If you are wondering how to write a cover letter, then this article with helpful tips, templates and examples will guide you on your way.

A Cover Letter is a one page document that explains why you are applying for the job, why you feel you are the best person for the role, and why you would like to work in their company.

The cover letter should clearly show your passion for the role and the company and prove that you can do the role.                                       

Matching Cover Letters to Job Descriptions

Like CVs, cover letters should be tailored to each job you apply for to demonstrate your suitability with specific details and examples of how your profile matches that particular role. Writing a list of the top requirements that you match can help you write a clear and structured cover letter.

Do you have a Unique Selling Point (USP) for the role?

Think about your achievements and relevant personal qualities, experience or skills which will impress the employer and show your ability.

Here is a template of how to write a cover letter.

(My Address)


(Company Address)

Dear (Hiring Manager’s First and Last Name),

PARAGRAPH 1 – Why you are writing:

I am writing in response to your recent advertisement in the (State the place where you saw the job advertisement) for the position of (Job title).

MIDDLE PARAGRAPHS – What do you have to offer? How does it match the role?

Make connections between your experience and skills and the advertisement. Try to support each statement you make with proof. When responding to the advertisement, refer specifically to the skills listed and show how your duties and/ or previous studies prove that you have these skills and qualities.

I am very interested in this position (name position) because (mention your passion for this type of work, why have you picked this position over any other? / what did you really enjoy about similar roles?). I have worked as a (Job title) with (Name of Company). During my time working as a (Job title) with (Name of Company), my main duties included (List relevant duties and relevant hard and soft skills developed and achievements where possible).

My academic background includes (state a relevant course that you have studied) with (state the college). While studying (Course Title) my subjects included (list some relevant subjects and thesis or projects). I also have skills in (add relevant skill) and (add relevant skill) which I could bring to the role as a (Job Title).

FINAL PARAGRAPH – Are you a good “person-fit”? Why this company above others?

(Name the company) (Give specific reasons why you want to work there based on research) and mention your personal qualities and fit to the company and role.

I look forward to discussing this position with you further.

Yours sincerely,


Here is a sample cover letter following the template.


8-34 Percy Place,

Dublin 4

Dear Mr. Stephen Smith,

I am writing to apply for the position of Recruiter which was advertised on the CPL website on 17th Feb 2021.

Paragraph 1:  (Relevant experience / examples and how I match the role).

My professional experience includes over 2 years’ working in recruitment in a fast-paced Tech Company. While working at Intertech as a Recruiter, I secured more than 50 new talented employees for our business clients including IT Support Engineers, Web Developers and Multilingual Customer Service Representatives. I achieved this by interviewing candidates as well as assessing the company needs at regular meetings.

Paragraph 2:  (Relevant education or training or skills/ examples and how I match the role).

I hold a Certificate in Customer Service from Dublin Business School. During my studies, I developed my skills in customer service and building relationships with business clients. I also completed modules in CRM software (Salesforce) and Microsoft Office. In addition, I am currently self-studying Employment Law and I have a particular interest in employment contracts and company policies in Ireland. I would bring this experience to the role and could also use my interest in Research and Development to research and recommend new company policies and practices to ensure the company’s attractiveness for new talent.

Paragraph 3:  (Relevant passion/personal qualities/competencies. What I know and admire about the company and examples and of how I match the role).

I have a strong interest in Tech, especially in big data and AI. I would welcome the opportunity to work as a Recruiter with TechSavvy, where I could use my Tech background to source candidates that best fit the company. I am a strong team player and I am passionate about helping people. Working in a socially responsible company like TechSavvy, which supports social inclusion projects such as the EPIC employment programme, also greatly appeals to me.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on 087 1231234.

Yours sincerely,


Meng Zhao

Here is an example of a more tailored and detailed letter, which will be sure to impress.

Swords Business Park
Co. Dublin      
Dear Ms Maloney:  
I am writing to apply for the position of Contact Centre Agent which was advertised on on 15th February 2021
I have over 5 years’ experience as a Customer Service and Sales Representative as part of a friendly and fast-paced team in Madrid Airport, Spain. While working at Balance Car Rental, I dealt politely with an average of 50 customer queries and complaints daily by phone and face-to-face in both English and Spanish. I also advised clients about our services and was awarded for consistently exceeding sales targets, increasing the number of car rentals and loyalty card sales by 10%.
My educational background includes a Higher Certificate in Tourism Sales and I have strong communication skills in both Spanish and English. During my studies, I developed knowledge about providing top class customer service and effective communication with clients from diverse cultural and language backgrounds. My fluency in English and Spanish also helps me to better understand clients’ needs and to offer them the best products and services.  I would be delighted to work with a company like Hertz, as it is an award winning car rental service, and also because I am passionate about working in multicultural environments and helping customers. I am a detail-oriented team player with a strong customer focus and I admire that Hertz puts high value on both their customers and also on their employees, creating successful teams and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.  

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on 087 1234567.   I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Laura Dineen

This article is written by Breda Hegarty a career counsellor and Maeve Murphy a Pre-Employment Trainer with the EPIC Programme run by Business in the Community Ireland. EPIC is a free programme supporting people from migrant backgrounds to gain employment. If you are interested in participating in one of the free programmes contact Livia Bartolomé on 01 8743842 or

I would love to help you find your next job!

Breda Hegarty- A qualified and compassionate career counsellor.

Breda Hegarty is a fully qualified career guidance counsellor based in Dublin. Breda has been providing expert career counselling and guidance for 15 years, supporting adults to choose the right career and identify their skills. Her expertise is in the area of successful CV and cover letter writing, career planning and interview preparation.


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